We know that event planning can be stressful, and even more so if you are juggling a hybrid experience. We're here to help!

Expo Pass is currently undergoing some renovations and due to that, you will need to work in two locations - Expo Pass Classic and our new Expo Pass Web Application (for virtual events).

What's Expo Pass Classic? Think of it as the backend, the cinder blocks, where all the details happen, and the bones of your event.

What's the new Expo Pass Web Application? This is the style, the flair, and what your attendees will see for your virtual and hybrid events!

You will do a lot of the foundational work in Expo Pass Classic. To help understand this process below is our simple resource guide to get you started with Expo Pass.

🚨 In order for us to make the best use of our kickoff call, we strongly urge you to have completed steps 1-2 before we kickoff.

Want to earn even more gold stars? Then continue reviewing the articles and complete items 3-6.

Part 1: Expo Pass Classic - https://login.expopass.com (The cinder blocks)

  1. Create your Account

  2. Create your Event

  3. Manage Event details

  4. Create Sessions

  5. Create a Registration form

  6. Manage Attendees

Part 2a: Expo Pass Mobile Application (In-Person Events Only)

  1. Event App Cover Screen

  2. Adding Travel and Lodging

  3. Creating and Downloading Session Feedback

  4. How to Schedule and Send Push Notifications

  5. Enabling Attendee App Access

Part 2b: Expo Pass Web Application (Virtual or Hybrid Events) - https://app.expopass.com (The shiny, sparkly stuff)

  1. Media on Your Virtual Event

  2. Edit Your Virtual Event Homepage

  3. Create Sponsorship Bundles

  4. How to Stream Your Event

  5. Setting Up Session Action Buttons

  6. Manage Your Event Settings - Schedule Magic Links and Much More!

  7. Magic Link Help Guide

πŸ‘πŸΎ YOU MADE IT! πŸΎπŸ‘

Congratulations! You are now an Expo Pass Wizard - well not quite yet, but certainly on your way. As always, if you have any questions, we are just a click away in the lower right corner - the note in the blue circle.

πŸ“š Another great resource is our Organizer Support Library It offers additional details into your journey with Expo Pass!

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