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Let's get started! This is everything you'll need for the beginning stages of using Expo Pass

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

This article are for those Event Organizers that have an event start date that is more than 45 calendar days from now. We provide an overview here of next steps to move forward in your event planning process.

During your event building process, you'll engage with two Expo Pass platforms, seamlessly toggling between them. Why two? Excellent question! Expo Pass is currently transitioning the event building process from our original "Classic" version to a new Web App. This migration is a gradual process, undertaken to improve the user interface and streamline the building experience.

Expo Pass Classic: Think of it as the backend, the cinder blocks, where all the details happen, and the bones of your event. This is where you live for your Onsite Premium Badge Printing events.

Expo Pass Web Application: This is the style, the flair, and what your attendees will see for your virtual and hybrid events!

You start with and do a lot of the foundational work in Expo Pass Classic. To help understand this process below is our simple resource guide to get you started with Expo Pass.

❗ Important: To make the most of your initial call with us, we highly recommend completing steps 1-2 below before we meet.

Create Your Expo Pass Account

Every individual working on your event team that needs access to the Expo Pass event must create their own Expo Pass Account.

Create Your Expo Pass Event

After creating your Expo Pass Account, you can proceed to create your Expo Pass Event(s). This is a straightforward process that typically requires just a few minutes to complete.

Event Management

Want to earn even more gold stars? Then continue reviewing the articles and complete items 3-6.

  1. Create a Registration form (if using Expo Pass for pre or onsite registration)

Part 2: Expo Pass Premium Badge Printing

(skip to part 3 if you are not using Badge Printing with Expo Pass - this requires a Badge Printing Rental Agreement - BPA)

Part 3a: Expo Pass Mobile Application (In-Person Events Only)

Part 3b: Expo Pass Web Application (Virtual or Hybrid Events)

Congratulations! You are now an Expo Pass Wizard - well not quite yet, but certainly on your way. As always, if you have any questions, we are just a click away in the lower right corner - the note in the blue circle.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Here is Another great resource that offers additional details into your journey with Expo Pass.

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