Event App Cover Screen

Customize the cover of your event within the mobile app to look and feel on brand.

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1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Navigate to Details>Cover Screen.

3. You can customize this by uploading your event logo and using 1 of 10 available Wallpapers.

  • The logo must be no larger than 1900px x 430 px, and 1MB max

  • Add you logo in the area indicated in orange  

  • Toggle between the default wallpapers using the arrow indicated in green

*Note: The event name and "ENTER" is the button used to access the event. Only light and dark text colors are available.

4. You can also customize your Wallpaper by uploading one of your own images.

  • The wallpaper recommended dimensions are 2048px x 2732px, 2MB max

When designing the cover screen, make sure to follow this format so all imagery is visible:

If you did not want to use an event logo, simply turn "Overlay Mode" off by unchecking the Overlay Mode box and then you will no longer see the event logo.

5. Once done, this is how your Event App Cover Screen will appear on your mobile device.

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