Event Organizers - here is a collection of articles that may prove helpful to understand how best to leverage Magic Links for your next event.

This article explains our Magic Links and how they work for your event attendees.

Managing Your Event Settings

This article will walk you through the process to turn your event on for attendee access. At the time of building your event in Expo Pass you can decide to provide Magic Links during the registration process or schedule them to be emailed at a later date/time (the more common practice).


Now that your event is live with Attendee Access turned on and your first round of Magic Links have been sent out, here is how you can manage the process to ensure that your late event registrants also get their Magic Links:

1- Turn on Magic Links in the Confirmation Email. See the article above, Managing your Event Settings, on how this process works.

2- If you now have several Magic Links to still send out, rather than schedule another mass distribution, which may confuse those that have previously received a link, here is how you can manually distribute links ten at one time. This process will allow you to distribute hundreds of links in a short amount of time: Magic Link - Bulk Manual Distribution.

3- Lastly, you can always send out a Magic Link to one attendee at a time. Similar to the process noted above in the Bulk Manual Distribution, if you select a person in the Legacy Expo Pass Attendee data table, through the "Actions" tab you can send out a Magic Link.


Once an Attendee has received a Magic Link, they have the ability to generate a new one for themself if theirs expired. Here are some articles that our Event Success Team will route to Attendees that have questions about their Magic Links:

If Attendees have other questions regarding their virtual event, here is a link to our Attendee Help Center that provides them more information regarding browser requirements, internet speed, event navigation, and more.


If you have any other questions on Magic Links, please reach out to your dedicated Event Success Manager or review other help articles in our:

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