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Uploading an Attendee List
Uploading an Attendee List

How to get your attendees into Expo Pass

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If you have used a registration process outside of Expo Pass then you will need to upload your upload your attendees. Here is the process to load attendees into the platform.

Note - if you receive an error message, you will need to go back into your source CSV file and fix any issues. The most common errors are:

  • duplicate records (only one unique email address can be uploaded)

  • trailing spaces after an email address

  • incomplete email address; forgo the "@" or the ".com"

1- Go to the "Attendees" section of Expo Pass and click on "Upload Attendees List". The screen below will appear.

2- You will need a CSV file with the First Name, Last Name and Email, which are all required for your upload. If you have other data points that you want to upload, that of course is possible, but you'll need to make sure that you have identified them in your Registration Form.

If there are attendees who don't have an email address the suggested dummy email domain to be used is

A custom Attendee ID number isn't necessary unless you have some other unique identifier from your original registration system that you need included. Usually this isn't the case as the person's email address is the best unique data point to be used to cross reference your data in both systems.

3- The upload process will require you to drag the column headers from your CSV file to the right, into the corresponding Expo Pass Registration Attendee Fields. Once done, click "Save"

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