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"REGISTRATION" Section of Expo Pass
"REGISTRATION" Section of Expo Pass

Here are all the help articles for Event Owners relative to managing the "REGISTRATION" section of your event using Expo Pass.

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Think of this as your table of contents for Registration. Everything you need to create, understand and become a pro at, is here in this article!

Create Registration Form: Set up and manage your customizable Registration Platform.

Event Legal Disclaimers: How to upload your required Terms & Conditions Policy and your Refund Policy.

Merchant Agreement: If you are charging for your event, you'll need to complete a Merchant Agreement for credit card processing.

Registration Code: Adding Registration to your website.

Registration Code - Lightbox Version: Adding Registration to your website using the Lightbox version.

Custom Email Text for Registration Confirmation Email: Add custom text to the registration confirmation email for your attendees.

Facebook Hosted Registration Form: If you don't have a secure website, you can host your Registration Form on your Facebook page.

Registration Analytics Tracking: Use Google and Facebook analytics to track users through the checkout process.

Google Analytics Implementation: Use Google Analytics to fire events at key points in the registration process.

Transactions: Track registration and transactions of your attendees.

Refunding Attendees: How to refund attendees. 

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