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Adding Travel/Lodging Information
Adding Travel/Lodging Information

How to add additional event information in Expo Pass

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Within Expo Pass you can provide travel information and promotions for your event Attendees and Exhibitors.

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Click on the โ€œTravel/Lodgingโ€ tab in the left hand menu located under "Details".

3. Here you can provide information and instructions on group rates for hotels, car rentals, airlines, as well as transportation options such as Uber & Lyft:

  • Generic images are automatically added for your Travel/Lodging information based on the company

  • You also have the option to upload your own photos in each section:

When you are done, your travel and lodging information will appear in the details section of the mobile application. ย 

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