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Create and Manage Your Expo Pass Event
Create and Manage Your Expo Pass Event

Let's get started by creating your new event in Expo Pass!

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

After creating your Expo Pass Account, you can proceed to create your Expo Pass Event(s). This is a straightforward process that typically requires just a few minutes to complete. Below is a short video of this process followed by a step-by-step guide for this process.

1. Login to with your credentials.

2. Once you login, click on "Organizer."

3. Click the blue "Create An Event" button, where the site will refresh to launch the "Enter Your Event Information."

4. All fields with an orange asterisk are required fields.

❗ Important: The logo you choose to add here will appear on your Registration Confirmation Emails, your Registration Receipts (if processing registration payments through Expo Pass), as well as in the mobile app. The Logo Image size requirements: 300x300 pixels JPEG or PNG

4. From here, you can continue to manage and edit the Details of your event.

  • Edit event details at any time (including the Event Title and Logo)

  • Add important Event Contacts for Attendees and Exhibitors (Event Organizers, Customer Support, Medical Contacts, etc.)

  • View the total number of Attendees and Exhibitors that have joined your event

5. From your Details section on the left-hand side of the page, the Event Organizers can:

6. Once you have created your event, when you login, it will appear in the Upcoming Events.

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