Welcome to Expo Pass! We’re here to help with getting your event set up. There are several different interactive areas of Expo Pass.

There are several different interactive areas of the Expo Pass including Expo Pass Classic, Web Application and Mobile Application.

So, what's the difference?

  • Expo Pass Classic: Think of it as the backend, the cinder blocks, where all the details happen, and the bones of your event.

  • Expo Pass Web Application: This is the style, the flair, and what your attendees will see for your virtual and hybrid events!

  • Expo Pass Mobile Application: This is our easy-to-use mobile app that you download onto your phone, and use to manage your in-person events only.

Let's get started by creating your event!

1. Login to Expo Pass Classic with your credentials.

  • If you haven't created an Expo Pass account yet, click HERE to get started.

2. Once you login, click on Create An Event under Are you an Organizer?.

  • If you already have created events before, you will click on Create An Event in the upper right-hand corner of your screen

3. Now you are ready to begin completing the Event Details and click Create.

  • Note: The logo you choose to add here will appear on your Registration Confirmation Emails, your Registration Receipts (if processing registration payments through Expo Pass), as well as in the mobile app.

    • Logo Image: 300x300 pixels JPEG or PNG

4. From here, you can continue to manage and edit the Details of your event.

  • Edit event details at any time (including the Event Title and Logo)

  • Add important Event Contacts for Attendees and Exhibitors (Event Organizers, Customer Support, Medical Contacts, etc.)

  • View the total number of Attendees and Exhibitors that have joined your event

5. From your Details section on the left-hand side of the page, the Event Organizers can:

  • Manage Event Details and Event Contacts (explained above)

  • Manage Users (add/delete additional event administrators)

  • Manage the Mobile App Cover Screen

  • Manage Social Tags

  • Add Travel & Lodging Information (hotel, car rental, airline, transportation information)

6. Once you have created your event, when you login, it will appear in the Upcoming Events.

7. To edit your Company profile, click on the bubble that contains your initials in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can add an image to represent yourself or your company, that, once saved, will replace your initials as your icon.

For additional resources on the above items, please visit our Organizer Help Center or the "DETAILS" Section of Expo Pass.


If you are hosting a Virtual Event with Expo Pass:

  • Navigate to app.expopass.com to edit and manage your Virtual Event.

  • You will use the same credentials to login that you did on the Expo Pass Classic platform above (expopass.com/login).

The Web Application is the stylistic side of your event - where the media lives.

This is also your Live Virtual Event that attendees will see and access.

Edit Your Virtual Home Page

Create Sponsorship Bundles

How to Stream your Event

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