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Create an Expo Pass Account
Create an Expo Pass Account

Event Owners, let's get started by creating your Expo Pass Account

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This article is for Event Organizers

Welcome to Expo Pass! We’re here to help with getting your event set up.

In order to access them, you first need to create your event. Here is a short step-by-step guide for this process.

  1. Click the blue button on this site -> "Create An Account?"

  2. Complete the fields required - see yellow highlights below.

4. After clicking "Create Account" the screen will refresh, and you will receive an email containing a Magic Link. Please check your email, and if you don't find it in your inbox, also review your spam folder, as it might be located there.

5. In the email you've received from, locate and click the blue "Magic Link" button. This action will validate your new account and open a new tab in your browser, launching your Expo Pass

6. Now you are ready to Create Your Event! Click "Organizer" to get started.

Here is a Help Center article to help you get started.

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