Before we begin this process, we need to make sure you have made all the necessary decisions in regards to your badge size, one-sided or two-sided badges, sleeveless or not, etc.  If you are not yet clear, please refer to our Onsite Badge Selection Guide article.

In an effort to manage your expectations, please note that final artwork is due to your Expo Event Success Manager (ESM) six (6) weeks PRIOR to your event (that's 30 business days prior), because we need enough time to ensure that everything in the printing process goes smoothly and that your badges are top notch!  If for some reason that timeframe becomes compressed to less that six weeks, we cannot guarantee that your badges will be available for your event and/or we will be forced to assess an additional expedited fee. Please also note that Expo also needs a fully executed Onsite Badge Printing and Rental Agreement before we can begin the process to print your artwork on your badges (this is a different agreement that your originally executed Expo Services Agreement).

(1) A little more information that we'd like to share: 

  • Expo badges are printed on direct-thermal paper without the need for messy inks. The reaction of heat being applied to the paper allows for black text and other images to be visible on the paper.  Therefore, please note that when designing your badges, the area behind the onsite imprint must be white.  For example, the area on the badge for the Attendee's Name, Firm Name, and QR Code must be white (blank, with no other images).     

  • Badges are available, and priced, in full-color shells.

  • Badges are made of high-quality paper. Expo uses 9.5 pt. stock, which is much heavier/thicker and holds up very well even without a holder.

  • We also offer a single-sided laminate version that is really difficult to tear or bend. This is a good solution when looking to get rid of badge holders.

  • The minimum quantity of badges is 500 per badge shell type. Please keep this in mind if you are looking to make various badge shell types for your event. For example, if you want to make your VIP badges look unique, which might be only for 40 attendees, you must still order 500 badges for that shell type. Please let your ESM know what you are trying to accomplish, as we may be able to help you creatively use the direct-thermal printers in a way to distinguish these attendees without the added cost of more badge shells.

(2) Submit your final artwork for your event to your ESM: 

4x3 Badge Templates: Artwork should be in vector format in a packaged zip file.

4x6 Badge Templates:  VERSION 1 - when using a Badge Holder. Artwork should be in vector format in a packaged zip file.

4x6 Badge Templates:  VERSION 2 - when going Sleeveless. Artwork should be in vector format in a packaged zip file.

(3) When submitting your artwork to your ESM, please also include a print-ready version (see example below) that includes all the information you intend to thermal print on the badge onsite and be specific about the number of rows, font size, and potential length of each printed field.  For example, you may want something like this:

  • Row 1 - Last Name (larger font), centered

  • Row 2 - First Name (normal font), centered

  • Row 3 - Job Title (normal font) up to 50 characters, centered

  • Row 4+ - QR Code, right justification 

Again, we can't stress enough how important it is to start this design phase as soon as possible.  If you have questions on this process or need more information, please reach out to your ESM.

Next step: Please take a minute to read our article on Onsite Badge Printing Logistics.

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