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Can't wait to use Expo's onsite badge printing experience for your next event? Neither can we, but we need to make sure to cover logistics.

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By now you know how many Expo printers you'll need for your event, how many iPads you need, the size of your badges, your artwork designs have been submitted and approved, you've purchased lanyards (and holders if necessary) -- so "now what?" you ask.  Well, let's not forget about the logistics for all the Expo equipment!

What you as the event organizers provide:

- Lanyards

- Badge Sleeves (at least 1/4" bigger than the badge)

- Registration Staff

- Registration kiosks or tables

- Power/Electric: 1 power strip per table and extension cords

- Dedicated Internet Source (We highly suggest a hardline, ethernet. You will need to provide an ethernet cord for each router).

What Expo Pass provides per the badge printing agreement for your event:

- iPads

- Printers

- Routers

- Badge Shells

- Protective Cases for the Equipment

- Onsite or Remote Equipment Setup

(1) Travel Cases and Security:  You will be receiving a Starter Kit, which includes one Router, one Printer, and one iPad along with their respective cords as well as your badge stock.  This will all be packed into one heavy-duty case that weighs approximately 40 lbs.  You will also receive, at a minimum, another case with one more printer (we always ship two as it is better to be safe than sorry should something happen to one of them) and potentially other equipment, depending on your needs.

These cases are not small and not light, but they are mobile like a suitcase and have wheels and a pull-up handle.  Here is a what a case looks like:

It is important to have some place to securely store the cases until they are set up, so therefore please make sure your event venue has a place set aside for this purpose.

(2) Tables:  For every two iPads and one Printer for your event you will need one  6' table.  Along with this equipment will be your badge stock and typically Event Organizers have lanyards available next to each printer.  This way your attendees can print their badge, grab a lanyard, and move on very quickly, freeing up space for your next guest to register.  

(3) Power: It so easy to forget the little things, but they matter so much!  If each 6' table has two iPads and a Printer, that's three devices that require electricity.  So at a minimum, you will need one power strip for each 6' table.  

In addition, you will also need an extension cord that will reach the tables/kiosks, but don't be shy, as an extra extension cord never hurts. Please also check with your event venue to ensure that electrical outlets are in close proximity to your expected registration area.

NOTE: each iPad draws 2.4 amps, each Printer draws 3.5 amps, and the Router draws 3.3 amps. So please make sure you have adequate coverage from the venue to cover all that you'll need (based on the amount of equipment you are using). And this doesn't take into affect any computers or lights that may be drawing from the same source.

(4) Internet Connection: An active internet connection is required onsite, which will be connected to our Router via an ethernet cord (not provided by Expo). Please provide these internet requirements to your venue, letting them know you will be using a router at the event, well ahead of your event so that they are aware of them.

**Please note: The internet connection is to be used for Expo Pass equipment for registration ONLY. It is not to be shared with staff, exhibitors or attendees, as this can cause issues with the equipment functioning properly.

We also strongly recommend that get the name and cell phone # of IT/AV support at the venue and understand their hours of coverage. We are trying to avoid an onsite issue during equipment setup where there is no active internet available.

Please work with your Venue to ensure that the following is available:

  1. Ethernet wall jack (port) within proximity of your intended event check-in/registration area.

  2. Expo does not provide an ethernet cable, so please make sure your venue has one that is long enough to get from the wall jack to the check-in/registration area.

  3. Internet must be an active, dedicated connection (for Expo Pass Use Only) at a minimum download and upload speed of 5 Mbps. Anything >5 Mbps is great! 🤗

  4. The internet must be an open network that is DHCP enabled (allow DHCP server to automatically assign IP address, so we don't need to manually type the IP address and DNS) - no walled garden and no splash page.

  5. If relying on WiFi over WAN, it too needs to be dedicated, DHCP enabled, and a secure network (password protected) - no walled garden and no splash page. The venue will need to provide you the SSID and Password for this WiFi connection. NOTE: the SSID cannot be "Expo_Pass", "ExpoPass", "expopass".

  6. For ease of set up, we recommend the venue use the following credentials so that our router will connect instantly to their network:

    1. SSID = exponet
      PW = badge123

Our routers are also equipped with wireless broadband connectivity, but this should only be relied upon for backup purposes, as cellular reception may fluctuate and isn't always reliable.

(5) Registration Area Best Practices: Nobody likes tight spaces (especially in this new era with COVID), so please make sure that your Registration Area is large enough to properly manage flow and is easy for your Attendees to understand.

Three things to really consider:

  1. Make sure there is ample space between the back table and the chairs so people can walk through here.

  2. The TSA-like lanes makes everything so much easier to control flow of humanity. It keeps people moving as efficiently as possible.

  3. We also now strongly advise to have a table set up on one far end of your Registration Area for your lanyards, badge sleeves, bags, programs or whatever handouts you may have. This keeps all this stuff away from the Registration Area (no loitering) and is one less thing that people need to worry about having others touching their stuff.

(6) Expo Staff On-site: For events where Expo staff will also be on-site to set up registration equipment (DAY 01), please note that Expo is not expected to assist with attendee registration interactions, handing out lanyards, addressing attendee event questions, etc.  Expo staff is on-site to support the technology that has been provided for the event as well as

  • Setup and testing

  • Teardown (if applicable)

  • General tech and on-site support

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