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Premium Onsite Badge Printing Logistics
Premium Onsite Badge Printing Logistics

This article will guide you through what you need onsite at your event and what Expo Pass provides for a smooth experience!

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

By now you've decided how much Badge Printing equipment you need for your event as well as chosen the size, quantity and design of your badges. Hopefully you've purchased lanyards (and holders if necessary) -- so "now what?".

Well, let's not forget about the logistics for all the Expo Pass equipment!


  • Lanyards

  • Badge Sleeves, if applicable (at least 1/4" wider than the badge)

  • Registration Staff

  • Registration kiosks or tables (we recommend 6' space for each per "Lane" - 2 iPads and 1 Printer)

  • Power/Electric: 1 power strip per table (to plug in 3 devices) and extension cords

    • the sockets for the power strips must accept 3 prongs (ground)

  • Dedicated Internet Source

    • We highly suggest a hardline, ethernet. You will need to provide an ethernet cord for the router

❗ Important: What Expo Pass Provides

  • iPads

  • Printers

  • Router (+ a backup, with no cellular capabilities)

  • Badge Shells (if included with your order)

  • Protective Cases for the Equipment

  • Onsite or On-demand Equipment Setup and Support


Expo Staff On-site

For events where Expo staff will be there to set up registration equipment on DAY 01, just a heads up that we won't be able to assist with attendee registration interactions, distribute lanyards, or address event questions from attendees, etc. You'll need to have your own staff to take care of these things. Thanks for understanding!

Expo staff is on-site to support the technology that has been provided for the event as well as:

  • Setup and testing

  • Teardown (if applicable)

  • General tech and on-site support

  • Lead Retrieval and Exhibitor Questions (if using Expo Pass for Lead Retrieval)

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