Setting Up Session Action Buttons

Action buttons allow you to link external or internal URLs for attendees.

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Action Buttons allow you to link external or internal URLs for attendees within your Sessions.

These can serve many different purposes – directing attendees to their next session with one click, sending them to an external site to collect donations, linking to a survey or even to connect with an exhibitor in Exhibitor Sessions.

You can have up to 6 Action Buttons per session.

Application: Web

1. Log in at

2. From your Event Home Page, Click on the Session you want to add Action Buttons to or Full Schedule:

3. If you navigated to the Full Schedule, click into the Session that you would like to add the Action Button(s) to:

4. Click Edit in the top right corner:

5. Under the Viewing Screen click on “Add Action Button”:

6. Enter the text that you would like displayed on your Action Button in "Text" area.

Note - it must be 30 characters or less.

7. Select the Background Color that you would like your Action Button to be. If you would like, you can use a HEX#, RGBA, or HSLA code for this.

Note - the text color will automatically adjust and is not customizable.

8. Enter the URL that you would like this Action Button to direct to.

9. Click the Preview button to verify the link works.

***Please be sure to include the full web address, including https:// or http:// or it will not work.

PRO TIP: If you are using an External URL, clicking on the Action Button will open a new tab. If you are using an Internal URL (anywhere that directs the attendees within the Expo Pass Platform), clicking on the Action Button will display the new screen in the same window.

10. Decide when you want this Action Button to be displayed within your Session for your attendees: Before the Session, During the Session, After the Session or any combination of the 3. Click "Save".

Note - you can have a maximum of 6 Action Buttons per Session.

11. Select Done in the top right corner. You can now test your Button.

Note - if you chose for your button to be displayed During or After your Session, it will not display before your Session is live (meaning the "Available At" date and time).

PRO TIP: If you are going to use the Action Button to direct the attendees to their next Session, you will need to grab the full URL (including the https:// from that Session. To do this, right click on the tab at the top and click duplicate.

12. Click “Back to Sessions” and then click into the next Session on the Event Schedule:

13. Copy the entire Session URL from the top (including the https://) and click into to next tab:

14. Paste the Session URL in the URL field and click "Save".

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