Expo's Check In and Premium Onsite Badge Printing experience is a game changer -- you'll save so much time and pre-event work!

To get the process you will need to work with Expo's Event Success Team to finalize the details regarding your equipment and badge shell needs, all of which will be captured in a Badge Printing and Rental Agreement.

The following is a timeline of activities that need to occur to ensure that your event is a success. Any potential compression of this timeline needs to be discussed with Event Success as it may impact your Onsite Badge Printing experience.

The following help articles noted below are here to help you learn more about badge shells, badge design, and onsite event logistics. Please grab a cup of your favorite beverage and invest a few minutes to review these articles -- this will save you tons of questions and time later.

This article helps you determine the type and size of badge shells you will want for your event.

This article will help you in your badge shell design process.

This article helps manage expectations for onsite logistics needed to support your Onsite Badge Printing experience, which includes: Internet Connection, Power, Tables, etc.

**Please note: The internet connection is to be used for Expo Pass equipment for registration ONLY. It is not to be shared with staff, exhibitors or attendees, as this can cause issues with the equipment functioning properly.

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