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What Do you Need to Know for Your Premium Onsite Badge Printing Experience?
What Do you Need to Know for Your Premium Onsite Badge Printing Experience?

Badge shells design, Badge Printing Rental Agreement, onsite logistics -- oh my!

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Expo Pass' Check-In and Premium Onsite Badge Printing (BP) experience is a game changer -- you'll save so much time and pre-event work!

To get the process you will need to work with Expo's Event Success Team to finalize the details regarding your equipment and badge shell needs, all of which will be captured in a Badge Printing and Rental Agreement (BPA).

❗ Important: Expo Pass requires a fully executed Onsite Badge Printing and Rental Agreement executed before we can begin the process of printing your badge shells.

The following is a timeline of activities that need to occur to ensure that your event is a success. Any potential compression of this timeline needs to be discussed with Event Success as it may impact your Onsite Badge Printing experience.

❗ Important: Timely design and obtaining final approval for your badge artwork are vital for the success of your event - and should be done at the latest 30 days before your event start date.

Explore our Help Center Articles on badge selection, design, and the build process. Take a moment with your favorite beverage to review these articles, as it will save you considerable time and address potential questions later on.

What's Next?

Now it's time for the fun part - let's pick what size badge and how many you'd like.

πŸ’‘ Note: before beginning the badge design process you need to Create your Expo Pass Account and Create your Event.

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