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Expo Pass + Zoom Best Practices Help Guide
Expo Pass + Zoom Best Practices Help Guide

Expo tips and tricks when using Zoom with Expo Pass for your virtual event.

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Here are some great articles to help you get started with Zoom and navigating your Virtual Event experience within the Expo Pass Platform.

Some of these articles may help you decide what licensing level and capabilities you will need to support your event.

Please note that these are Expo Pass's suggestions for the best experience when using our and Zoom for your virtual event. Any Zoom specific issues or questions should be directed to their support center and team.

General Help:

Zoom Meetings vs Webinars (Zoom Support Article)

Zoom Webinars:

Roles in a Zoom Webinar (Zoom Support Article)

Adding Panelists to a Zoom Webinar (Zoom Support Article)

Zoom Meetings:

Roles in a Zoom Meeting (Zoom Support Article)

Zoom Breakout Rooms (Zoom Support Article)

Expo Pass Integration:

*Expo recommends including a back up URL Action Button when embedding Zoom into Expo Pass

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