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This report is done through the Zoom Application, not Expo Pass. For any questions or additional help, please refer to the Zoom Help Center.

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When you have Webinar features enabled on your Zoom account, you are able to pull Attendee Reports for each Webinar to see the details of who was there and for how long.


Webinar host, admin, or have a role with access to usage reports

To generate a report, log into your Zoom account from a web browser. Then click on Reports โ†’ Webinar.

**Note - if you do not meet the prerequisites above, you will not be able to pull reports.

1. The Attendee Report will provide the unique attendee information including Join Time, Leave Time, and Time in Session (min).

2. One you have selected the Attendee Report in Step 1, you will search for the Webinar that you would like to pull the report from. You can do this by searching a date range, or entering the Webinar ID. Once a list is populated, select the Webinar.

3. Once you have selected the Webinar, scroll down to Step 3. Here you will select what extras to be included on your report. Click Generate CSV Report.

If you have any other questions, please refer to the Zoom Help Center for more assistance.

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