Adding a URL link to your Virtual Session

You can add any URL link to your Sessions. This is great when using any video streaming platform.

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When streaming your live event, adding a URL may be the best option for you! Event Organizers can utilize this option to add any streaming or video link to their Session within their event.

  • Note - please review THIS article before deciding on Embedding Zoom or using a Zoom URL link.

1. Click into the Session:

​2. Click EDIT in the top right corner:

3. Click on the pencil icon.

4. Click on 'URL'.

​​5. Paste your URL link in both the 'Web UR'L and 'Mobile URL' boxes.


  1. The URL must include the following: https://www.xxxxxxxx and not an abbreviated version.

  2. Please make sure to copy and paste the Web URL and place it also in the Mobile URL section (just to make sure those on a cell phone don't have any issues). Of course, if the URL is different between Web and Mobile, make sure that the correct one goes in each area.

Set the 'Available At' and 'Available Until' times. These are the times that the link will be available for attendees to click into your URL. These are essential fields for the best attendee experience.


  • Expo Suggests making the 'Available At' at least 5 minutes before your speaker starts. You MUST also launch your webinar or meeting before the 'Available At' time, so people can enter the webinar/meeting and wait.

  • When setting the "Available Until" time within your viewing screen for a URL Session, please note that this is the time that the JOIN button will no longer be available.

  • No new attendees will be able to "JOIN" the session, meaning they will no longer have the ability to be redirected to the session's URL.

  • Any who are already in the URL redirected stream will NOT be removed.

  • If you would like attendees to be able to JOIN late, please make sure when setting this time to account for a time buffer in case your session goes over the expected time.

6. If you would like, set a 'Preview Image' and 'Post Event Image'. If you do not select these, there will be a black box.

7. Make sure the 'Private?' is NOT toggled on and green. This will make the URL link private unless the Attendee has added it to their schedule.

8. Click 'Save'.

9. You should see a green box in the top right corner that says 'Updated session webinar' If it was successful. Click DONE to return to the default Session view.

10. You can now click on the JOIN if the link is Live (during the Available At time). If it is not yet during that Available At time, there will be a countdown until the Session is Live.

11. When the Attendee clicks JOIN, it will open a new tab or open the streaming application on their computer.

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