Zoom App ≠ Zoom Client SDK

Zoom has various attendee experiences that may differ based on how an Attendee gains access to their Webinar or Meeting

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It is important to note that Zoom has at least two different platform attendee experiences, which is determined on how an attendee gains access to their Webinars or Meetings. Here are the two options available through Expo Pass:

  • Zoom via a Web App (what most of us think of when we talk about Zoom)

  • Zoom SDK

So what’s the difference?

Zoom Web App: "URL"

This is what most people experience when they are in a Zoom Webinar or Meeting. This is what an attendee and host/panelist experience when they join a Zoom meeting either by logging into their Zoom account or via a URL link that is provided to them. In Expo Pass, setting up a Zoom App Webinar/Meeting is accomplished through the “URL” option.

Zoom Client Software Development Kit (SDK): "LIVE"

Zoom provides a Client SDK version that is the core Zoom engine embedded into, and opened up, within a different application (like Expo Pass). SDK does not have the same functionality as the Web App. In Expo Pass, setting up a Zoom SDK Webinar/Meeting is accomplished through the “LIVE” option.

The following tables highlight the differences in a functionality between Zoom App and SDK:

Internet Browsers and Devices with SDK

In addition to differences in functionality when comparing Zoom App vs. SDK, Zoom also creates different attendee experiences based on the internet browsers or devices that the attendee is using.

Expo strongly recommends that attendees use Chrome or Microsoft Edge when attending an embedded Zoom SDK Webinar/Meeting in Expo Pass. These browsers work very well and provide the embedded experience.

However, when embedding Zoom SDK into Expo Pass, please note that Zoom does NOT consistently support Safari and Firefox (and many other browsers not mentioned here). Zoom will instead force the attendee to link into their Zoom App. When the attendee that is using Safari/Firefox/Others click into a Webinar/Meeting that was set up to be embedded into Expo Pass, they will instead see the following:

Because Zoom SDK does not support all browsers, they are in fact pushing Expo Pass Attendees from an embedded experience to their App by opening up another window/tab in your browser. At this point, the Attendee may be forced to download the Zoom App before going any further. If/when the Attendee has downloaded the Zoom App they will then be prompted to input their email address - see the image below. Their name should be pre-populated as it was pulled into Zoom from the Expo Pass interface. However, depending on the browser, the Attendee may be required to type in their name too.

Please note that Zoom SDK does not currently support mobile devices or tablets for Attendees that are using them to access Expo Pass. So while Expo Pass has no issues with using these mobile devices, the Webinars/Meetings set up in Expo Pass via Zoom SDK will not allow the Attendee to remain in Expo Pass. The Attendee will receive the message noted above and forced to log into the Zoom App.

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