What is a Magic Link?

What is a Magic Link?

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Not sure what a Magic Link is, what it does, or why it is an important component for your event? This article provides more color into the world of Magic Links . . .

A Magic Link is a unique URL link provided to each attendee that when clicked instantly authenticates and logs them into an event, either through the Web App for virtual events or the Mobile App for in-person events. No user names, no passwords, no fuss!

The Details

Magic Links are valid for 6 months or until the last day of the event, whichever comes first. However, once one has been consumed (clicked/used) then it is valid for 30 minutes, which allows Attendees to determine the best medium to experience the event (computer, tablet, or phone).

If an Attendee visits an expired Magic Link, they will have the option to "Resend" themselves a new Magic Link, delivered to their email inbox. Click here for more info.

The Logistics

When Magic Links are turned on, they will be sent to your Attendees either at the time when they Register in their confirmation email or from a scheduled Reminder email -- your call. The email will come from "support@exposent.com" and the subject line will reference the name of your event.

The body of the email will contain your event name again and the Magic Link button (see image below).

From Event Reminder Email:

From manually sending a Magic Link:

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