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Accessing Your Virtual Event

Step-by-step process on gaining access to your virtual event, hosted by Expo Pass.

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This article is for Attendees

Once you have received your Magic Link to the email you used to register, follow the steps below to access your Virtual Event!

1) Open the Magic Link Email from titled:

"Access [EVENT TITLE] with this Magic Link: Event Code - "


"[EVENT TITLE} is starting soon!

2) Once you open the email, click on the blue "Magic Link" button or copy the URL into your supported browser. This will take you to the Event.

If your Magic Link has expired, follow the instructions HERE on how to resend a new one to your registration email.

**Not all internet browsers are the same. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of one of these Internet Browsers to access your event: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge with Chrome as the best option.

Not sure what browser you are using or if it is up-to-date? Click here:

3) Click "Accept" to agree to the Expo Pass Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

4) You are now in the Virtual Event!

From here you can view the welcome message and video, see event contacts, preview the Sessions on the calendar, Click into the Event Schedule or Exhibitors.

**If you would like to create a password, click on the red ! in the top right corner, and follow the instructions at the bottom of the article HERE.

**Pro Tip: Use the always open Navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen to easily navigate through the event:

5) Once you have clicked into a Session, click "Join" or “Play” to begin.

Within your Session you can also download Session Materials, click on Speakers to find out more, and read more about it in Session Description.

Want to take a deeper dive into Navigating Your Virtual event? Click the link below:

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