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Resend Expired Magic Link
Resend Expired Magic Link

The following process explains how to resend yourself a new Magic Link should your original link expire.

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We've created a pain-free, simple process for you to get into your virtual and in-person events. The following steps explain how to resend yourself a new Magic Link should yours expire.


To generate a new Magic Link from the mobile app, please follow the steps noted in this Help Center article: Resend Expired Magic Link

If you are receiving an error message that your email already exists, then check out the trouble-shooting process noted here: This email address already exists?


If you click your previously received Magic Link in your email and receive an "Expired Link" message like the image below, simply click the blue "Send me a new Magic Link" button.

Once you click on the blue button you will see a screen that says "We sent you a Magic Link!".

A new email will be sent to you from "" and will look like the following. Simply click the blue Magic Link button and a new tab/window in your browser will open that will place you in your event.

If you would like to learn how to do a Password Reset, please refer to this Help Article.

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