Congratulations! You've already registered to attend your in-person event, now what? Here is all the information you need to get set up with the Expo Pass Mobile App.

ACCESSING YOUR IN-PERSON EVENT: How to gain access to your in-person event in the Expo Pass Mobile App

Signing up for Expo Pass: Download the Expo Pass app and create your mobile app account.

Magic Link Self Help - Mobile Magic Link

Resend Expired Magic Link - Mobile Magic Link

Expo Pass Mobile App Login: View your event from your smartphone.

Mobile App - Password Help

EXPLORING YOUR EVENT: How to navigate through the Expo Pass Mobile App

About the Event

View Sessions & Set Event Schedule

View Speaker Profiles

View Exhibitor Profiles

Event Social Feed for Attendees

Expo Pass Application Clear Cache & Data Instructions: Android

Attendee Frequently Asked Questions

More Event Questions?

If you are in your event on the mobile app, click into About the Event, Event Contacts. These are the hosts for your event and who are ready, willing, and able to assist for any non-technical questions like:

"How do I refund my ticket?"

"How do I change my registration?"

"I need to update my email address."

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