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You'll find answers to many of your virtual event questions here!

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Thank you for joining us today for your event, where your Event Organizers have partnered with Expo to help manage their technology needs.

We understand if you landed here that you may be experiencing some difficulty or challenges regarding your event. We've tried to organize this site to provide you with as much additional information as possible to help you get back to your event!

Need to generate a new Magic Link for yourself - no problem!

** You must use the same email here that you used to register for the event. **

If you do not see you new Magic Link in your email's inbox, please check your SPAM/JUNK FOLDER in your email account as it may have been swept there.

For more information on how to generate a new Magic Link,

check out this Help Article: Magic Link Self Help

Please note that your Event Organizer will send you a Magic Link via

email shortly before the beginning of your event.

Internet Web Browser Requirements

Not all internet browsers are the same. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of one of these Internet Browsers to access your event: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge with Chrome as the best option.

Not sure what browser you are using or if it is up-to-date? Click here: BROWSER

Optimal Internet Download Speed

Expo recommends that for optimal viewing you have at least a download speed greater than 10 Mbps. Want to check how fast you are? Click here: SPEED

Expo Pass Virtual Event Navigation

Quick Reference Guide - Click here: ACCESSING YOUR VIRTUAL EVENT

Need some more help navigating throughout your event? Click here: NAVIGATION

Zoom Sessions on a Handheld Device

If your Virtual Event is using Zoom for streaming that is embedded into Expo Pass, please note that Zoom does NOT consistently support Safari and Firefox (and many others browsers) for handheld devices and therefore Zoom may automatically redirect you away from Expo Pass. Here is a Help Article to give you additional information with a special section for iPad Users.

Create a Password for Future Logins

If you received your Magic Link for your event and would like to create a password for future logins, Click here: CREATE A PASSWORD

Troubleshooting Tips for your Expo Pass Virtual Event

Here are some troubleshooting tips if you are having issues getting into your Expo Pass Virtual Event. Click here: TROUBLESHOOTING

More Event Questions?

If you are in your event, check on the home page for the "Event Contacts". These are the hosts for your event and they too are ready, willing, and able to assist for any non-technical questions like:

"How do I refund my ticket?"

"How do I change my registration?"

"I need to update my email address."

"Will these sessions be recorded and available for replay?"

**Please note, the above email or phone number are not a real. Please find the Event Contact for your virtual event on the home page.

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