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Support and Escalations for Lease Clients
Support and Escalations for Lease Clients
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This article is for Event Organizers with long-term equipment leases

Our partnership enables Leasing Event Organizers to confidently and independently handle the setup, use, and management of Expo Pass equipment and products tailored to their specific requirements. Through long-term equipment leases, we empower you to manage your events autonomously while utilizing Expo Pass resources effectively.

Expo Pass ensures you receive comprehensive resources and thorough training, enabling you to feel confident in making Expo Pass Equipment your own. Here, we'll address frequently asked questions and outline when and to whom you should escalate issues.

Important: To prevent confusion and effectively manage support escalation, it's essential that everyone understands their roles and responsibilities as outlined below. Please distribute this article with all your team members.

Lease Tiered Support Escalations

  • Tier 1: Event Managers (those using the equipment regularly and onsite at events) - Self-Service Support

  • Tier 2: Internal Client Team Champion(s), which one of two main points of contact that will interact regularly with Expo Pass Specialists

  • Tier 3: Expo Pass Specialist

  • Tier 4: Expo Pass Directors and Hardware Engineers (additional support as needed)

Where do I go with questions prior to an event?

For questions on Expo Pass software and hardware that arise prior to an event (not during a live event), please refer to the following:

  • Event Managers ("Tier 1"): please refer to the Expo Pass Help Center or refer your questions to your Internal Client Team Champion(s) for assistance.

  • Client Team Champions ("Tier 2"): If you need additional assistance, please contact your Expo Pass Specialist(s) to help address your questions.

Where do I go for help uploading my event attendees?

  • Event Managers: Leverage Expo Pass Help Center article Troubleshooting an Upload to try and resolve the issue. In you are unable to do so on your own, then escalate to an Internal Client Team Champion.

  • Client Team Champion: If you are unable to successfully upload your attendee list, then please escalate the matter to your Expo Pass Event Specialist for additional assistance during normal business hours: 9am - 5pm CT, Monday through Friday.

How do I order more badges?

💡TIP: Please reach out as soon as you notice your badge supply running low. The earlier you do so, the more time we'll have to print and ship new badges, ensuring you have an adequate supply on hand.

  • Event Managers: Contact your Internal Client Team Champion to receive more badges.

  • Client Team Champion: In an effort to avoid duplication of orders and to ensure proper authorization for additional spend, Expo Pass will only process order for more printing of badges from a Team Champion. This order must be received by an Expo Pass Specialist as follows:

    • Order received at least 12 business days before they are needed in hand

    • A shipping address and onsite contact name or business must accompany the order

    • Minimum order size is 100 badges

    • A PDF Print Ready File must be received or the design must be built into the Expo Pass Badge Manager

    • The date the order must be received.

Important: To ensure timely delivery, we suggest factoring in a minimum 2-day buffer for shipping. This accounts for potential delays with UPS/FedEx. For instance, if you require badges for a Thursday morning event, aim for delivery on Tuesday (Monday is even better).

What are my steps to create my event and program my badge?

  • Client Team Champions: If you are experiencing difficulties or cannot address the questions from your Event Managers, please reach out to your Expo Pass Specialist to arrange for more training.

How do I allow Attendees to edit their badge at the iPad?

  • Event Managers: HERE is a Help Center Article on how to enable attendee edits for your upcoming event.

  • Client Team Champions: If you are experiencing difficulties or cannot address the questions from your Event Managers, please reach out to your Expo Pass Specialist.

What if I have equipment questions prior to my event date?

Important: Expo Pass strongly suggests setting up and testing badge printing equipment at least one day BEFORE every event start date to ensure everything is working as expected.

  • Event Managers: Start by following our Help Center Articles and if you require need more assistance, please reach out to your Champions.

  • Client Team Champions: If you are experiencing difficulties or cannot address the questions from your Event Managers, please reach out to your Expo Pass Specialist.

How do I set up my iPads and Printers?

How do I set up my cellular hotspot?

  • Event Managers: Work with your Team Champion to set this up well in advance of your first event.

  • Client Team Champions: If using a hotspot to provide onsite internet please note that it will need to be setup with the Expo Pass Router in advance of any event. This is a one-time process where the hotspot is programmed to broadcast a specific SSID and password that the Expo Pass router will initiate with. Please contact your Expo Pass Specialist to set this up initially.

💡TIP: Cellular connection from the Expo Pass router can always be used if there is good service available at the check-in/registration area.

How do I train someone new on Expo Pass?

  • Event Managers: If you need to train a new employee on how to utilize the Expo Pass equipment, please feel free to train them yourself or reach out to your Internal Team Champions for more assistance.

  • Client Team Champions: If you have new staff that needs to learn about the Expo Pass platform or equipment, please make plans to provide them adequate training well in advance of their first event. If you require additional training for yourself, please reach out to your Expo Pass Specialist.

Where do I go for assistance during a live event?

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