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Troubleshooting Badge Printing Equipment
Troubleshooting Badge Printing Equipment

Common error messages that may occur during your printing process.

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Occasionally iPads and Printers used for registration/check-in may encounter situations leading to error messages. This document aims to outline common use case scenarios that could result in such errors and provides guidance on effectively troubleshooting these issues.

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Error Message: PRINTER IS IN 'PAUSE'

Force Close Expo Pass App

If you are asked to force close the Expo Pass app on an iPad Kiosk, to initiate another data sync between the handheld device and the database, here is a quick overview of this process: Force Close Expo Pass App on iPad Kiosks

Cleaning your Printers

Occasionally, a Zebra Printer may pull through a second blank badge shell during a print attempt, especially after previously printing badges successfully. This issue is usually caused by a dirty Roller and/or Sensor. Here is a quick overview of the process to remedy this situation: Cleaning your Printers

How do I change my Zebra printer settings for badge printing?

If your printer's cutter is not cutting the badge stock correctly and/or your print quality is not as expected, here are some additional Help Center articles to help remedy the issue: How do I change my Zebra printer settings for badge printing?

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