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Copy a Badge Shell from Event to Event
Copy a Badge Shell from Event to Event

How to copy your badge shell from one event to another if you are using the same design for both events.

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โ“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

When you have multiple events using the same badge shell design, an Event Owner or User has the ability to copy the shell design from one event to another. This way you don't have to redesign it every time.

Before you begin, you must have a Badge Shell created in one of your events that you will be using.

Once your shell is designed, follow the steps below.

Copying a Badge Shell from Event to Event

1. Login to Expo Pass and select the event that has your badge shell design you wish to copy.

2. From the Details section, select Event Settings

3. Click on Admin Menu -> Badges

4. Find the badge you want to copy and hover over the Shell design

5. Click on the papers (Copy).

6. A window will open with a drop down of all the events in Expo Pass that you are an Event Owner or Event User. Select the event that you want to copy the badge to.

7. Click Copy.

8. A notification in the top right corner will say "[BADGE NAME] successfully copied" when complete.

9. Click on the Home icon in the top left corner.

10. Click on My Events in the bottom right corner.

11. Select the event that you copied your badge to.

12. Click on Admin Menu -> Badges

13. From here you will be able to see and manage the copied badge from your previous event.

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