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Create A Registration Form
Create A Registration Form
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Get your attendees registered seamlessly and quickly with our easy to set up and manage customizable registration platform.

1. Login with your credentials into the Expo Pass Web Application and choose the appropriate event.

2. Click on the “Registration” tab in the left hand menu.

3. Click on “Create Registration Form” and complete the below steps:

4. Manage Attendee Registration Fields:

  • Expo automatically requires attendees to enter their First and Last name as well as Email

  • All other fields can be optional, required, or hidden

  • Additional fields can be created as well for attendees to answer when registering.  These fields can also be set as optional, required, or hidden.

5. Define and Set Up Registration Options:

  • List Registration Levels 

  • Set Pricing

  • List Description/Benefits

  • Add/Revoke Session Access

  • By default, all registration levels are automatically eligible for all Sessions

  • If there are certain Sessions that should not be made available to that specific registration type, you will need to revoke access during this step.

  • You can also choose to create "Add on Sessions" by removing them from the standard access.  In the next step (step 3), you are able to set an additional cost for those "Add on Sessions". A great example of an "Add on Session" would be a gala or after-event activities. 

  • If you do not have your Sessions set up yet, you can always go back into this section to edit it at a later time, however, we recommend setting up your sessions first

6. Edit Registration Levels

  • Identify key elements of each registration level during this step:

  • Include Continuing Education (when applicable)

  • Include Session Pre-Registration (so attendees can register for Sessions during the event registration flow)

  • Set up Promo Codes and Discount Conditions

  • Add incentives on your registration levels and/or discounts for specific Attendees or groups.


  • Take15% off when you register by “X” date

  • $20 off to Attendees who are also Exhibiting at the event

  • $50 Discount for Association members

7. Upload Members for exclusive registration levels

  • Choose to offer specific registration levels to specific groups

  • Only those Attendees that you upload prior to launching your registration will be able to see that specific registration level (based on their email address)


  • You want to offer Member and Non-Member pricing, but you don’t want your Non-Members to see that there is a Member pricing option

  • Simply upload the list of your members

  • As long as they register with the email address that matches the member list you previously uploaded, they will be able to see the Member pricing, but those that are not on your previously uploaded list will not be able to see that that is an option

8. Upload Legal Documents*

* Documents must be in .txt format

  • Enter Terms and Conditions

  • Enter your Refund Policy

9. Review your Registration Breakdown (Please note, this preview link is NOT intended for you to use as the link for your attendees to register with - it is merely for you to preview the form and registration flow.)

10. Click “Create Form” to finish!

11. This form can easily be viewed and edited after creating, by clicking on the “Form Overview” tab under “Registration”.

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