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If you observe the printer feeding two badges through for a single badge print or encounter an "Media Out" error message on the printer, it's highly probable that there's a problem with the printer's sensor.

FIX: To verify the sensor's position, follow these steps:

  1. Open the printer's lid.

  2. Ensure that the movable sensor is centered in the middle and not shifted to the left or right. This alignment is crucial for the sensor to accurately detect the notch cutout on the badge shell perforations.

  3. Review to ensure that the yellow Media Guides are not too close, which means that the badge stock will be tight and/or pinched a little. The Guides should be set so that the paper badges easily pull through with the restriction or tension.

To confirm the correct alignment:

  1. Load the printer with badge shells.

  2. Slowly pull the badge stock through the printer.

  3. As the perforation line becomes visible, ensure that the sensor is precisely centered in the "notch" present on half of one shell and half of the other. The sensor should be visible through this "window-like" notch.

NOTE: If aligning the sensor does not fix the error, please contact Event Success (SES) for additional assistance.

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