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Need help addressing this issue - cleaning your printer's roller & sensor, and checking that badge notches are all punched out.

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Occasionally, a Zebra Printer may pull through a second blank badge shell during a print attempt, especially after previously printing badges successfully. This issue is usually caused by a dirty Platen Drive Roller ("Roller") and/or sensor.

No need to worry! Cleaning the Roller and sensor is a quick and easy process. Once done, you'll be back to printing badges in no time.

What is a Platen Drive Roller you ask? It is a vital printer component that helps create the optimum amount of pressure to drive labels through the printer. We'll show you below where it is located and how to clean it.

Check for Badge Notches

Take a look at the badge stock and make sure all of the notch holes are punched out. If any of them are left in, the sensor will not be able to sense when a new badge has come through. This can cause the printer to pull through multiple badges until it finds a notch.

Steps to clean Roller and Sensor

  1. Lift the printer's lid. Pull the yellow tabs back to open the printer lid.

2. Retrieve one of the alcohol hand wipes included in your equipment.

❗ Important

3. Utilize the gear on the far lefthand side; slowly turn it (in either direction) as this action will cause the Roller to turn along with it. Continue wiping the Roller as you turn it until it completes a full revolution and is entirely clean.

Note: Use a new section of the alcohol hand wipe for each wipe of the roller turn to ensure a clean surface.

4. While the lid is still open and the now-clean Roller is drying, take a clean portion of the wipe and give the Sensor a quick wipe as well. Please make sure not to move it - as it should remained centered in the middle as per the image above.

5. Wait for about 10 seconds to make sure no moisture is on the Sensor or Roller and then go ahead and thread the badge stock through the slot in the front of the printer as you originally did when setting up the printer, continue to follow these steps.

That's it - go ahead and now run a couple of test prints through the printer and you'll be back up and running!


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