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Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions
Exhibitor Frequently Asked Questions

This article has a video and more help for frequently asked questions for our exhibitors, including how to sign up for Lead Retrieval.

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This article is for Exhibitors

How do I sign up as an Exhibitor?

Create an Expo Pass account and then join your event!

If you are an Exhibitor Admin on your company, follow this step by step article:

If you are an Exhibitor User for your company, follow this step by step article:

Do I have to pay to fill out my Exhibitor Profile?
NOPE! It's FREE for you to complete. The only feature that requires payment is Lead Retrieval.

How do I complete my Exhibitor Profile?

Why should I bother with an Exhibitor Profile?
It's FREE marketing. If the event is using the event app - all event attendees will have access to see your profile and learn more about your organization.

It says this email already exists! What now?

Are you seeing this message on your mobile app? If so, then read on here:

Where do I find event details?

I have no idea where to get started with the mobile application, HELP!
We've got you covered with a step by step video for getting you set up on, and exploring the mobile application:

How do I sign up for Lead Retrieval?

Lead retrieval is a means of capturing and following up on sales leads that are generated at an event, conference, trade-show, etc. Our system gives you as the Exhibitor the ability to measure results against your event objectives. By using Expo Pass for lead retrieval, you can forget about worrying how you are going to capture attendee information, and can instead focus on creating genuine interactions with your leads while easily following up with them post event.

You can sign up in the "Exhibitor Toolkit" section of the mobile platform:

How do I add my colleagues to my team on Expo Pass?

Set up your dream team! Please visit these step by step articles to learn more:

How many users does my organization get?
Each Organization gets 5 free users with the ability to purchase additional users for $50/user.

Important: The Exhibitor Admin is included as 1 of the 5 free Users.

Can I create qualifiers and notes for Lead Retrieval?  
You sure you can! Please visit this step by step article to learn how:

How do I scan attendees for Lead Retrieval?  
It's easy - you use the camera on your smartphone (no clunky hardware, or rental scanners).  Please visit this step by step article to learn more:

How do I access and download my leads after (or during) the event?  
You can easily email them to yourself in CSV format! Please visit this step by step article to learn more:

Can I use a third-party API Kit with Expo Pass?

Please see the following for more information:


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