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You're an Exhibitor Administrator -- and Now You've Been Asked to Claim your Profile?
You're an Exhibitor Administrator -- and Now You've Been Asked to Claim your Profile?

This Help Article will help new Exhibitor Administrators to create an Expo Pass Account and claim their Exhibitor Profile.

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First and foremost: the Mobile App itself is FREE for Exhibitors to use and the designated Exhibitor Administrator can also add up to 4 Exhibitor Users for their contact information.

If the Event Organizer is leveraging Expo Pass Mobile App for their event (lucky you), then there is a section in the App whereby Exhibitor information is available for Attendee viewing. Through the Mobile App, Attendees will be able to view your company information and your contact information.

NOTE: If the Event is not using the Expo Pass Mobile App for their Attendees, the steps below are not necessary.

Exhibitor Administrator Log-In Process

These are the steps to follow to be an Exhibitor User and Claim your Exhibitor Profile:

1. Download the Expo Pass Mobile App on your phone:

The mobile all will look like the following:

2. [Click] on the green "CREATE AN ACCOUNT" button and complete the require information: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and then create a Password.

3. When you are done, [click] the green "CREATE MY ACCOUNT" button at the bottom. Your screen will then refresh to the following:

4. Now go to your email account, from your phone, and you will see a new email from

Now [click] the teal-colored "Magic Link" button.

5. Your phone will automatically open up the Expo Pass Mobile App and take you directly into this screen. Here you must input the 6-digit code that your Event Organizer provided you. You cannot move forward without this code, so if you don't have one, please contact your Event Organizers.

6. Once you provide the 6-digit code, the Mobile App will take you directly into your "Upcoming Events." If you have more than one upcoming event, you can swipe left on your phone to move to the next event.

Corporate Profile Information

Now that you are in the event, you can update your Exhibitor through the Exhibitor Toolkit will appear. [Click] on the settings icon in the top, right corner - the one that looks like a gear.

4. Click on Exhibitor Profile:

Here you can view and edit your basic Exhibitor Profile:

Personal Profile Information

Now that you are in the event, you can update your own personal profile. [Click] the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner (the three parallel lines).

Now [click] the gray "Edit" button to add information: Name, Title, and Company. Your email is already in your profile.

Here you can also set your Password if you want to log into the Mobile App later, vs. sending yourself a Magic Link.

When event Attendees view your Exhibitor Profile from the Exhibitors tab in the Mobile App, they will see your Company Profile information as well as all Exhibitor Users associated with this profile -- with an email link to each Exhibitor User.

Note: The Exhibitor Users will appear here in alphabetical order by first name.

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