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This email address already exists?
This email address already exists?

Are you seeing this message on your mobile app? If so, then read on.

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Now what? No worries!

You are receiving this message because you have already received a Magic Link that will grant you access to this event. This Magic Link may have been part of your Registration Confirmation email or it may have come to you via email as an Event Reminder.

Either way, let's get out of this "Create An Account" mode in the mobile app and instead go back one page: Click "<" in the upper left-hand corner of your app. You should now be back on the home page of the mobile app (see 1st image on the left).

  1. Click on the blue button "LOG IN"

  2. Click on the "Having trouble logging in?" link

  3. Type in your email address - the same one used to register for the event.

  4. Then Click the blue button "Send Magic Link"

Your mobile app will refresh to the following. Please go to your email and open up the one from If you don't see it, please check your spam/junk folder.

The email content will look like the image below. If you click the Magic Link it will take you into your event.

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