APPLICATION: Virtual Web Platform


Thank you for registering to attend a virtual event powered by Expo Pass!


To access your virtual event, using your the Expo Pass account (the one you previously made after you registered for your event) after you have already logged in, please follow the steps below.

1. When you login, you should see your event(s) you registered for on the first screen. Click on ‘Details’ for the event you would like to access.

**If you do not see your event, please double-check again to make sure that you used the same email when creating your account that you used when you registered for the event.

2. You are now in your Virtual Event dashboard. Here you can navigate to the 'Event Schedule' to preview and add Sessions into 'My Schedule'.

3. From the Event Schedule, you will see all Sessions arranged in chronologically in time order:

4. If you would like to learn more about a Session or view the content, click anywhere on the row; on the name or the time and then it will open up to the actual session:

5. Enjoy your Event!

*** For more helpful articles, please refer to the Expo Pass Virtual Event Platform: Attendee Support Guide

Questions: please email

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