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Zoom Sessions on a Handheld Device
Zoom Sessions on a Handheld Device

Hand-held devices

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This help article is written for Virtual Event Attendee that may experience some challenges when using their handheld mobile devices (instead of a computer) to view a Zoom session in an Expo Pass event.

In regards to your Virtual Event, Zoom is being used for streaming and is embedded into Expo Pass. However, Zoom does NOT consistently support Safari and Firefox (and many others browsers) for handheld devices and therefore Zoom may automatically redirect you away from Expo Pass - you'll see this image appear:

At this point you may:

  1. Login into from a computer (most ideal scenario)

  2. Continue on your handheld device by clicking "Join the session now" - if you have Zoom already installed on your handheld device.

  3. Continue on your handheld device by clicking "Install it here" and then following the Zoom instructions.

Once the Zoom window opens, you will then be prompted to input your email address - see the image below. Your name should be pre-populated as it is pulled into the Zoom App from the Expo Pass interface. However, depending on the browser, you may be required to type in your name too.


iPAD Users

To gain access to your Zoom app (assuming it is downloaded and ready to go), you need to make sure you are also in Mobile Website viewing mode (depending on your device, you may be defaulted to Desktop Website viewing). Here is how you can opt out of Desktop Website and select Mobile:

If you continue to have difficulty with accessing your event session that is streaming Zoom, we strongly encourage you to use a computer.

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