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MOBILE APP ATTENDEE HELP CENTERYou'll find answers to many of your in-person event questions here!
Magic Link Self HelpThe following article explains how to obtain a Magic Link to access your upcoming virtual and in-person events.
Resend Expired Magic LinkThe following process explains how to resend yourself a new Magic Link should your original link expire.
WEB APP ATTENDEE HELP CENTERYou'll find answers to many of your virtual event questions here!
Attendee Frequently Asked QuestionsAttendee FAQ's
Abandoned Registration "Email already belongs to a registrant..."Abandoned registration will cause an error stating "This email already belongs to a registrant on your order". Here is how to complete reg

Delete AccountMobile App functionality
Filling Out Session Feedback Questions on the Mobile AppHow attendees can complete Session Feedback within the Mobile App and the requirements to access the questions!
Mobile App: Create a Password for Future LoginsHow to create a password once you've gained access to your in-person event through the Mobile Magic Link on the Expo Pass Mobile App
Mobile Magic Link (In-Person Events Only)Need some assistance with your Mobile App Magic Link?
Troubleshooting Mobile Magic Links with AndroidHaving trouble accessing the Expo Pass Mobile App on your Android phone? Here are some troubleshooting tips.
Accessing Your Event and Session Resources in the Mobile AppHow to access the event and session specific resources/ materials that your Event Organizer has provided for your in-person event.
How do I Create an Expo Pass Account for the Mobile App?How to create an Expo Pass account and navigate the mobile app.
Expo Pass Mobile App Login: TroubleshootingHaving trouble logging into the Expo Pass Mobile App?
Mobile App - Password HelpHaving trouble remembering your password for the Expo Pass Mobile App or need to create one?
About the EventWant to learn more about your event in the mobile app.
View Sessions & Set Event ScheduleView event sessions and add them to your event schedule.
Review - Download Attendee Data from the Mobile AppHow to download your attendee data in the mobile app
View Speaker Profiles
View Exhibitor Profiles
Expo Pass Application Clear Cache & Data Instructions: Android
Accessing Expo Pass events on DesktopThis awesome tool allows you to access your Expo Pass event from your Mac or PC!