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Onsite Check-In: Attendee Required To Answer Additional Questions
Onsite Check-In: Attendee Required To Answer Additional Questions

Do you want to collect more data from your Attendees while they are checking in and printing their badge? If so, no worries - read on . . .

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This article is for Event Organizers

The Expo Pass Onsite Premium Badge Printing experience makes it easy for Attendees to check in and print their badge. Now, at the Event Organizer's discretion, they can also enable additional interactions at the iPad kiosk for their Attendees.

To present additional questions to your Attendees on Check-In, which were not collected or completed at the time of registration or added to your upload, you can easily do so by adding "Required" reg form questions.

Organizer Setup Process

How to add a required custom attendee field:

Important: You must Create a registration form to enable this feature (even if you are not doing onsite registration on the kiosks with Expo Pass).

  • Once your registration form is created, your Success team will need to enable this feature for you.

Your attendee upload MUST include email addresses, otherwise every attendee will be required to enter their email upon Check-In.

1. Click on Registration - Form Overview - Edit by Attendee Fields

  • These questions will be displayed on check-in before a badge can be printed.

  • Check out this article for more information on Custom Attendee Fields.

Onsite Attendee Experience

  1. Locate the iPad Registration kiosk at the event venue. Tap on the "Check-In" option to initiate the process.

2. Enter name using the on-screen keyboard to search for their registration.

3. Once name is found, tap it to preview your badge. The additional required question will appear before you may print your badge.

4. Once answered, Expo Pass will then proceed to print your badge!

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