To embed a Zoom Webinar into Expo Pass, click into the Session from the Event Schedule.

Go into Edit Mode, click on the pencil above the video area.

Click on LIVE.

Enter your Zoom Webinar ID with no spaces, Zoom Password, Available At (with time buffer) / Available Until, Preview Image and Post Event Image. All of these items are required.

**Please make sure when entering your Zoom Webinar ID that there are NO SPACES. It will not work if you copy and paste from your Zoom Webinar dashboard.

Please ensure that Private (bottom left) is not enabled (green), or attendees will not be able to access the Session without it being on their schedule.

Click Save.

Click Save again.

Go back to Default View.

The countdown is based on the time you set your Zoom Webinar to be Available At. Please note that you will need to launch your Zoom Webinar as a host at the same time it is Available At for Attendees to be able to access it.

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