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Onsite Logistics - Travel Cases and Security
Onsite Logistics - Travel Cases and Security
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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

You will receive a primary Starter Kit containing the following items: one Router, one Printer, and two iPads, each with its respective power cords. All of these components will be securely packed in a sturdy case equipped with wheels, with the entire kit weighing around 40 pounds. The case dimensions are approximately 25" x 20" x 13".

Expo Pass prioritizes shipping to and from venues through our private courier network rather than relying on commercial shippers like FedEx or UPS whenever feasible. With our own courier system, we can closely monitor shipments and troubleshoot any issues as they arise. Additionally, our cases are equipped with internal trackers, allowing us to track the location of equipment throughout the shipping process.

As we handle shipments internally and maintain regular communication with our shippers, we do not provide Event Organizers with tracking numbers. Rest assured, we oversee the entire shipping process to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

❗ Important: Most likely your cases will come delivered wrapped together on a wooden pallet as we generally ship via private courier and not through FedEx/UPS.

You will also receive, at a minimum, another case with one more printer (we always ship two as it is better to be safe than sorry should something happen to one of them) as well as your badge stock, and potentially other equipment, depending on your needs.

These cases are not small and not light, but they are mobile like a suitcase and have wheels and a pull-up handle. Here is a what a case looks like:

Case dimensions = 25" x 20" x 13".

It is important to have some place to securely store the cases until they are set up, so therefore please make sure your event venue has a place set aside for this purpose.

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