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Onsite Logistics - Electrical Needs
Onsite Logistics - Electrical Needs

Ensure you have the proper electrical setup at your venue to support the Expo Pass Badge Printing Equipment.

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

It's so easy to forget the little things, but they matter so much! We'll speak in "Lanes," which means we are pairing two iPads and one Printer together. And therefore that means each Lane has three devices that require electricity.

At a minimum, you will need one power strip for each Lane that can support a 3-prong plug.

In addition, you will also need an extension cord that will reach the tables/kiosks from the closest electrical outlet to your registration setup. Don't be shy, as an extra extension cord never hurts.

  • Please also check with your event venue to ensure that electrical outlets are in close proximity to your expected registration area.

❗ Important: Expo Pass on-site personnel (if applicable) are restricted from the installation of electrical cords/lines within the registration/check-in area; their scope of responsibility is limited to the connection of badge printing equipment directly to the supplied power strips.

❗ Important: each iPad draws 2.4 amps, each Printer draws 3.5 amps, and the Router draws 3.3 amps. Please Make sure you have adequate coverage from the venue to cover all of your equipment based on what you will have at your event.

  • A lane is 1 iPad and 2 Printers, so that is 9.4 amps per lane along with 3.3 amps for your Router

  • This does not take into affect any computers, lights or other equipment that may be drawing from the same electrical source as the registration equipment.

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