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Onsite Logistics - Registration/Check-In Area Best Practices
Onsite Logistics - Registration/Check-In Area Best Practices
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โ“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Nobody likes tight spaces, so please make sure that your Registration Area is large enough to properly manage flow and is easy for your Attendees to understand.

Four things to really consider:

  1. Choosing tables with enough space to setup your registration equipment:

    1. A 72 inch (6 foot) by 30 inch table is suggested

      1. For every 2 iPads and 1 Printer aka 1 lane, we suggest a 6 foot in length table to ensure enough space for attendees to walk up and check-in without being on top of each other

      2. To ensure that there is enough space to hold the printers along with the stack of badges behind it, we suggest 30 inch depth.

        1. The badges and printers take up 24 inches. Adding in the need for some space in front and behind the printers, we suggest a 30 inch depth for the best experience


  2. Make sure there is ample space between the back table and the chairs so people can walk through here.

  3. The TSA-like lanes in front of registration make everything so much easier to control the flow of attendees - it keeps people moving as efficiently as possible.

  4. We strongly advise to have a table set up away from the Registration Area, on one far end, for your lanyards, badge sleeves, bags, programs or whatever handouts you may have that is separate from the tables for equipment.

    1. This keeps all this stuff away from the Registration Area (no loitering) and is one less thing that people need to worry about.

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