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Badge Design
Badge Design

This Collection is for Event Organizers

Select Your Badge TypeLet's start with the basics! Select the size badge, how many notches, and if you will have single or double-sided designs.
Tips When Designing Your Premium Badge ShellHere are some tips when designing your Expo Pass badge shell to ensure a top of the line print
Expo Pass Badge Manager - How to AccessHow to access the Expo Pass Badge Manager to design your badge shell, print layer and assign and manage your badges.
Expo Pass Badge Designer - Shell Layer | The BasicsHow to navigate the basics and get designing your Badge Shell in the Expo Pass Badge Designer.
Expo Pass Badge Designer - Shell Layer | The DetailsHere are some of the tips, tricks, and best practices to get the best out of your Badge Shell Design in our Expo Pass Badge Designer.
Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The BasicsHow to access and navigate the Print Layer in the Expo Pass Badge Designer for your registrant data being printed on the badge.
Expo Pass Badge Designer - Print Layer | The DetailsGet into the details, programming your registrant attendee data and QR Code onto your badge to be printed onsite by our thermal printers.
Expo Pass Badge Manager - Forming and Assigning Your BadgeHow to form and assign your badge using the Shell and Print layer designs
Submitting Your Badge DesignIn order to ensure the best quality badges, please use this formatting when submitting your badge shell deisgn for
Copy a Badge Shell from Event to EventHow to copy your badge shell from one event to another if you are using the same design for both events.
Copy a Badge Print Layer from Event to EventCopy the badge print layer with your attendee data fields from event to event to save some time!
How Can I Leverage Expo's Avery Integration to Print Badges/Labels for Attendees?
Create Attendee Badges with Avery IntegrationExpo Pass integrates with Avery, so you can design and print your badges using the Attendee Data in Expo Pass.
Print Attendee Badges/Labels with Avery Integration