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Data Reports in Expo Pass
Data Reports in Expo Pass
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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Within Expo Pass Classic lefthand navigation menu there are multiple "Data Reports" that have been established for your use. Think of Data Reports as a plethora of additional information for you to pull down and view/export what you need for your data analytics.

The following is a brief description of each Data Report.

❗ Important: The process to select relevant data and export to a .csv file is the same through out Expo Pass. For more information please refer to Exporting Reports from Expo Pass

Help your attendees complete their registration by checking the abandoned cart report.

Attendee CE Type

Review each Attendee's CE Type they've identified during the registration process.


Review a list of your event's Exhibitors, easily see who has paid for Lead Retrieval, how many badges they have scannned, who are their named Administrators, etc.

Exhibitor Scans

Need a list of each scanned badge by Exhibitor, this report will help you in this process.


Here is a complete list of all your Event Sessions and relative data regarding dates, times, speakers, type, webinar type (virtual), registration count, etc.

Access your report o show your scan in and out times, % in session and if attendees answered session feedback questions.

How to download the session feedback data that attendees responded to in the mobile app.

Session Feedback for Speakers

Similar to the report above, but available for your Speakers so that you can easily provide them with their session feedback from your event Attendees.


All the relevant information you may want regarding your event session speakers.

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