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Exporting Reports from Expo Pass
Exporting Reports from Expo Pass

When you need to download data from Expo Pass to a CSV file.

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Once you have designed a report within Expo Pass with the data fields you need it's really easy to export this data for further review to a CSV file.

  • Start by logging into your event on Expo Pass Classic. Then go to the data section that you want to export information from.

  • Select your fields and apply a filter if applicable.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: It may be easer to "Select all" so all your data fields are exported to a CSV file and then you can sort, filter, etc. from that file.

  • Check the square next to "Name" > then click Select ALL. The screen will refresh to show a red box noted as "Deselect All" should you want to revise the scope of data you want to export.

  • From the ACTIONS section open the dropdown menu and select Export.

  • A green box will appear at the top when the file is ready - click DOWNLOAD

A CSV file will be created with your data that you can pull down and review.

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