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Live Badge Prints Not Syncing to Expo Pass
Live Badge Prints Not Syncing to Expo Pass

If your badge print number on your badge print report is not matching the live badges printed/ check-ins, follow these steps below to sync.

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Onsite Attendee Badge Print Report

During your live event you can monitor how many people have checked in (aka printed a badge) through our Badge Print Report.

If at any point the badges printed do not seem to match the number of attendees who have checked in, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure the data is syncing properly.

1. "Force close" the Expo Pass app and reopen

This action initiates a data synchronization between the iPad and the database.

❗ Important: "Force closing" the Expo Pass app is very different from logging out. You do not want to log out of the iPad Kiosks specifically used for badge printing until all data has synced. This can result in the loss of your data that was stored locally on the kiosk and had not synced back to the database.


2. Ensure that your internet connection is stable

Sometimes when the internet connection is not strong enough or stable, it can cause for a lag in the data syncing from our iPad Kiosks back to the Expo Pass database. Having a strong, stable internet connection can help ensure the data syncs.

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