Onsite Attendee Check-In Report

When you want to know how many attendees have checked in for your event (when not using Expo Pass for onsite badge printing)

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β“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

You've got your onsite registration area all set up, open for business, and then that one person - you know the one - will do a drive-by and ask you "How many people have checked in already?".

Well, no worries - we'll show you how you can easily answer that question.

πŸ’‘ Tip: If you are using our Kiosks for badge printing then refer to this article for more assistance: Onsite Attendee Badge Print Report.

  • Start by logging into your event on Expo Pass Classic. Then click the Attendees section.

  • Click the Fields Selector (the icon that has the three sliders on it) and ensure that at least the following fields are selected (you can grab any others as needed for your reporting purposes): Name, Check In Date and Check In Time. Once done, click "Apply" and the data table will refresh.

Now click the Data Filter selector (the icon that looks like a funnel -- highlighted below in pink)

  • Select the "CHECK IN DATE" option, the "GREATER THAN" option and select a date that is prior to your event start date. Once done, click "Apply" and the data table will refresh.

  • Once the report refreshes, it will populate the Attendee Data Table with the names and dates of all the attendee badges that have been printed, how many reprint each attendee has had, and the actual number here:

πŸ’‘ Tip: Once you have created the report, you can either Save the Link to refer to it within Expo Pass OR you can Export the Data.

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