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Onsite Badge Printing Kiosks: All you need to know for your event
Onsite Badge Printing Kiosks: All you need to know for your event
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โ“˜ This article is for Event Organizers

Before your event equipment is shipped out, the Expo Pass Event Hardware team has already prepared your iPad Kiosks, printers, and router. This preparation aims to simplify the process of setting up your event badge printing and to thoroughly test all the equipment.

However, for future events, especially if you have consecutive events or are arranging your own equipment, you must take the following steps:

  1. Create your equipment Lanes, typically involving 2 iPads and 1 Printer.

  2. Determine which badge designs will be printed at each printer.

  3. Configure each iPad's settings according to your desired check-in process.

The Help Center articles provided below will guide you through each of these steps, and it's recommended to follow them in the listed order.

  • Building Lanes for Onsite Badge Printing: To use Expo Pass for your onsite badge printing, it's crucial to ensure that the Router, iPads, and Printers are synchronized. This involves creating "Lanes" and assigning iPads.

  • iPad Kiosk Artwork: How to design your iPad kiosk artwork for you Premium Onsite Check-In and Registration.

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