Building Lanes for Onsite Badge Printing
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To use Expo Pass for your onsite badge printing, it's crucial to ensure that the Router, iPads, and Printers are synchronized. This involves creating "Lanes" and assigning iPads.

Follow these steps to complete the process, which can be accomplished using a single iPad for all your different Lanes. Avoid duplicating the Lane creation process by using multiple iPads.

1- Turn on your Router, iPads, and Printers and make sure they are all connected to the

same network (“ExpoPass” when using Expo Pass equipment). You’ll also want to make sure that you have a solid internet connection as well.

2- Log into your Expo Pass event with your User ID, making sure that if you are not the

Event Owner that you have the appropriate permissions for check-in.

3- Once you are in your event, you will automatically be routed to the ADMIN TOOLKIT site.

Click “Badge Print Settings ” (next to the printer icon).

From this point there are 2 tasks to complete:

1- Map Printers to Lanes.

2- Add Badge Shells to Printers.

Map Printers to Lanes

1- After clicking Badge Print Settings this page will appear.

NOTE: If Lanes were previously created you may need to delete them by swiping left next to the lane’s name. Then a "Delete" option will become available.

2- Search for available Printer(s) to build Lanes by clicking on the printer icon in the upper righthand corner. All Printers currently connected to the same network should become available as options.

If you do not see any available printers, try this search process again.

3- Select a Printer for lane creation and this screen will appear.

PRO TIP: take note of which Printer is designated for each lane by noting the IP Address and put a post-it note on the underside of the printer. This way you’ll remember later when it comes to mapping iPads to Lanes too, and laying out your equipment in your Registration Area .

4- Click the “Select Lane” row and “Add a Lane by Entering a Name . . .

We recommend something short and easy, like “Lane1

Then select DONE

Add Badge Shells to Printers

1-Select a Badge Template” – which means selecting the various badges (if more than one) that this printer will identify with.

Note: you can select multiple badge templates, but they all must have the same badge artwork.

2- After Template is selected, click ADD

3- Once all templates have been added, click DONE

Congrats - you've now completed the process to build Lanes for your onsite Badge Printing experience!

NEXT STEPS: Don't forget to set up each of your iPads Settings: Establishing iPad Kiosk Settings

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