Additional Onsite iPad Kiosk Features

Need to do more than check in at the kiosk? There are options such as additional required questions or editing standard attendee data.

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The Expo Pass Onsite Premium Badge Printing experience makes it easy for Attendees to check in and print their badge. Now, at the Event Organizer's discretion, they can also enable additional interactions at the iPad kiosk for their Attendees.

Here is what else an Attendee can do besides have their badge printed, assuming of course that Registration has been built out in Expo Pass to allow for this functionality.


Allow Attendees to make edits to the registration data entered in Expo Pass, either through a reg form or manual upload, live via the iPad Kiosks upon Check-In.

Fields that can be edited via the iPad Kiosk are listed below.

All other info will need to be edited by the EO on a computer in Expo Pass Classic

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • City

  • State

Organizer Setup

  1. Contact the Expo Pass Event Success team to have them enable the "Editing Attendee during Check-In" feature for your event.

  2. Once this feature has been enabled, you will need to access the admin toolkit on the iPad kiosk. You do this by:

    1. Log in to the Expo Pass app on the iPad using the event test email and password provided to you by your success manager

    2. Click ENTER on your event

  3. Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner to enable the "Set Kiosk Passcode" option.

  4. Click Set Kiosk Passcode

  5. Create a unique 4-digit numeric passcode to prevent unauthorized changes to attendee information and click SAVE.

Please ensure that each iPad kiosk has its own passcode for better data security control and unauthorized changes.

Whether or not the passcode is the same for all iPads is at the discretion of the Event Organizer.

Attendee Experience Editing Data via the iPad Kiosk on Check-In

  1. Locate the iPad Registration kiosk at the event venue.

  2. Tap on the "Check-In" option to initiate the process.

  3. Enter name using the on-screen keyboard to search for their registration.

  4. Once name is found, a pencil icon will appear next to the badge image in the upper right-hand corner indicating the ability to edit their information.

  5. To make changes, tap on the pencil icon and enter the passcode provided by the event organizer.

  6. The Event Organizer will then need to enter the programmed Admin Passcode

  7. You can now edit your name or update any other required fields, such as additional questions added by the organizer.

  8. After making the necessary changes, save the updated information.

  9. Expo Pass will quickly generate a new badge with the updated information. You can then proceed to print your badge!


  • If there are no changes to make, follow the traditional check-in process without editing any information

  • Attempting to edit information without the correct passcode will not be permitted.

Adding Additional Required Registration Form Questions

To present additional questions to your Attendees on Check-In, which were not collected or completed at the time of registration or added to your upload, you can easily do so by adding "Required" reg form questions.

These questions will be displayed on check-in before a badge can be printed.

Enjoy your event and make the most of the this iPad kiosk!

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