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Establishing iPad Kiosk Settings
Establishing iPad Kiosk Settings

Setting up your iPads for your Premium Onsite Badge Printing Experience

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This article is for Event Organizers

Once you have created your Badge Printing "Lanes" for your event, you'll need to then set each iPad up with the appropriate Kiosk Settings, based on how you would like to manage your check-in process.

NOTE: You need to build your Lanes first, so if you have not yet done so, please refer to: Building Lanes for Onsite Badge Printing.

Important: the following steps must be completed for each iPad Kiosk.

1- From the ADMIN TOOLKIT click “Enter Kiosk Mode” (next to the iPad icon).

2- After clicking Enter Kiosk Mode this page will appear. Click “Direct Print

3- In the “Select lane”dropdown, choose the Lane/Printer that this iPad will be mapped to for printing purpose.

4- Toggle the “YES” / “NO” options to your event needs.

Important: There are more than 3 options here, the others are accessible by scrolling down the list (swipe up on the list of options). This one is easy to miss but it is an important one!

💡 Tip: The Attendee Registration, Attendee Check In, and QR Code Check In if marked “YES,” will each create an action button on the Kiosk. You can set up each iPad differently, so if you want to have these settings differ for each that works well too.

5. Click “SAVE


6- After clicking Save the iPad Kiosk Artwork image that was previously uploaded via Expo Pass will appear with the appropriate Action Buttons selected in the previous step.

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