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Claiming Exhibitors' on their behalf
Claiming Exhibitors' on their behalf

Event Organizers claiming Exhibitors on their behalf

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This article is for Event Organizers

Expo Pass was designed to relieve stress and workload for the Event Owners, which means making the process streamlined in regards to adding Exhibitors and their relevant information. The strategy is to provide the basic information needed so that the Owner can Upload an Exhibitor list and then let the Exhibitors do the rest. Simple.

However, if an Event Owner wishes to create the Exhibitors, control the access to setup their exhibiting accounts (claim their profile), and update all the information on their behalf, then we have a manual work around that is noted below.

Important: Assuming the role of Exhibitor Administrator for all of your Exhibitors, versus having them manage the process themselves, can be very time consuming and will require that the Event Organizer team to assume a lot of additional work and organization. Expo Pass does NOT recommend Event Organizers to engage in this process and we suggest contacting Event Success to review this process before moving forward.

HERE is a link that we send to our Exhibitors on all the how-to's for Expo Pass. This will have great articles for you to follow along if you are doing the below processes for them.

Steps to permit the Event Owner to also serve as the Exhibitor Administrator

Note: this is not an automated process, but instead very manual and time consuming.

  1. Create a generic Gmail Account.

    1. For example:

    2. This step is important as it will be the root email used for establishing all the Exhibitor accounts and the host should not be using their active work email account (which is probably tied to the Event Owner’s Email)

  2. Upload an Exhibitor List as you normally would:

    1. The Exhibitor Admin should be the same name as the Event Owner/ Event User

    2. The Exhibitor Email Address should be unique and different for each Exhibitor Admin using the newly created Gmail Account and incorporating the (+) to create unlimited siblings to this new Gmail address.

      1. For example: In this example, “Coleman” is the company name of the Exhibitor.

  3. Now you must go to and claim each Exhibitor, one at a time.

    1. For each Exhibitor, you will “Create An Account” via the website using their First Name, Last Name and the email account address that was created for each Exhibitor in step 2.b. above as well as a Password (you can use the same password for each newly established Account - just to make it easier for you).

    2. You will be asked to validate the email address for every newly created account - the validation email will go to their newly created Gmail account, for example:

    3. Once in the Account, you will use the event's six-digit Event Code that is noted in the Details page:

4. At this point you can Update each Exhibitors Profile

5. It is important that you add at least 1 legitimate Exhibitor User to the profile: Click Here

  • You will need their first name, last name and email

  • Grant them ALL permissions.

    • Note: If you do not give one Exhibitor User all permissions, then you will be required to continue to manage the Exhibitor profile going forward.

6. You can change the email address in the Exhibitor profile (instead of leaving you visible to mobile app viewers):

  • Log into the event with the email used to claim the profile and update it with the new one - one from the actual Exhibitor. This email will be visible in the Exhibitor profile, but this email will not be able to login and use LR without first being added as an Exhibitor User.

    • NOTE: You must first record each current Exhibitor email that was used to claim the profile in case you need it later. Once you change the email, it will no longer be visible in Expo Pass.

      • For Example: if you change (image above) “” to that of “” then you will never see this former email again associated to this exhibitor.

      • If you want to go back and edit this exhibitor later, you won't know to login as “” for this exhibitor unless you have recorded this information somewhere else.

Important: Using this process, whereby the Event Owner/User is the Exhibitor Admin requires that the Event Owner/User controls and adds all Exhibitor Qualifiers as only the Exhibitor Admin has that capability. The ability to grant Qualifiers to an Exhibitor User does not exist right now.

When you log into Expo Pass as the Exhibitor Admin, you can update the email that is visual to Attendees here. You can also update any of this other Company Profile information, which will be visible for Attendees in the Mobile App.

Please note that even though the email has changed in the Mobile App view, if an Attendee clicks on the envelope, an email will open up for them that will send an email to the Exhibitor Admin's email -- we can't prevent this from happening. Follow the steps below as a workaround to help alleviate some of this confusion.

  • Add a Contact here, which will show up on the App as well to help avoid this

  • Add an "*" in front of the Contact's first name.

    • Why? To ensure that this name appears above the other -- the one with the email that we can't change.

When Exhibitor Users are added to the mobile app so they can use Lead Retrieval, presumably the same person that is the name and email you have added as a Contact, they will end up showing up again in the Contact section.

See Standard Electric for a good example here:

Joanne in Green was the added Contact.

Joanne and Marshall in pink are Exhibitor Users (see below)

Standard Electric, here, is the Expo Pass profile information for the Exhibitor Admin.

Standard Electric Profile information -- from the Exhibitor Admin log-in, is noted here:

Follow up:

In the Mobile App that Joanne's name will now show up three times (and these are listed for each Exhibitor in alpha order by first name). Why is that?

  1. Exhibitor Contact: Joanne was added as a Company Contact. We had advised that if you want to add these for each Exhibitor, you start their first name with an "*" so that it appears at the top of this list. If you don't want to have Company Contacts, then this can be removed (see 2nd image below). This will eliminate her name from appearing here.

  2. Exhibitor Admin: Joanne is here this time because this is the original email (person) used to claim the Exhibitor profile. In the previous email we just updated the First Name and Last Name so that it would no longer read as the Company name. The Exhibitor Admin must appear in this list

  3. Exhibitor User: Joanne is here this time because she has also been added as an Exhibitor User (see the 3rd image below). This too cannot be removed/changed without deleting the person from being an Exhibitor User.

If you remove Joanne as an Exhibitor Contact, you can reduce the amount of times that here name will show up here down to two. You won't get it down to one unless you want to also remove Joanne from being an Exhibitor User, which means she can't scan leads.

HERE is a link that we send to our Exhibitors on all the how-to's for Expo Pass. This will have great articles for you to follow along if you are doing the above processes for them.

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