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Add/Manage Exhibitor Users - Web
Add/Manage Exhibitor Users - Web

How to add and manage the users for your company as an exhibitor.

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Expo Pass Web

1. Log in to your Expo Pass account at

2. Select the appropriate event

3. Click on the Users tab:

4. Here you can enter new users, control user permissions and delete users:

  • All Exhibitors are given access to 5 Users. You can purchase additional Users for $50/User.

Add New User:

Edit User:

5. Once added, the User will receive an email instructing them to create an account with Expo Pass.

  • They will need to download the Expo Pass Mobile App, create an account and join the event.

    • HERE is how to do so on the Mobile App

    • HERE is how to do so on the web.

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