Please note, when adding users to your organization for a specific event, they will automatically be added as "Exhibitors" for that event and will not need to follow the "Joining an Event" steps. Only the first person from the organization needs to follow that step.

Expo Pass Web

1. Log in to your Expo Pass account at

2. Select the appropriate event

3. Click on the “Users” tab:

4. Here you can enter new users, control user permissions and delete users.

5. All Exhibitors are given access to 5 Users

  • You can purchase additional Users for $50/User

6. Once added, the User will receive an email instructing them to create an account with Expo Pass.

  • They will need to download the app and create an account

  • They must use the email address that was used to add them as a User.

  • They will then receive a 4-digit code to verify this email.

  • When they re-log into the app, they will have access to the event, as a User for your company/organization. 

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