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Add Custom Email Text to your Registration Confirmation Email
Add Custom Email Text to your Registration Confirmation Email

Add unique custom text to your registration confirmation emails to get event information in front of your attendees before your event!

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Every event is unique, and has information that attendees need before the event goes live. Expo Pass offers the ability to add custom email text to your registration confirmation emails.

The custom email text for registration confirmation emails needs to be set up through your Event Success Specialist. Here are the steps to get everything started!

Custom Registration Confirmation Email Text:

  • Can be unique to each registration level OR it can be the same for all

  • Up to 2000 characters including URLs and code

  • We suggest including:

    • What to expect for the event and event information

    • Next steps for your attendees

    • Event access information and/or timelines

    • An event contact name and email for any questions they may have leading up to the event


To get started, create and format your custom email text in a Google or Word Doc. Once this is complete, email the Google or Word Doc to your Event Success Specialist with information on which registration levels you would like it applied to.

Sample Registration Confirmation Email:

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